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Executive Profiles

Christopher L. Hinnershitz

Director of Professional Services

After a 20 year career as a police officer in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Chris joined the Viridis Security Group (VSG) team as Director of Professional Services.  During his law enforcement career, he held positions as patrolman, bike patrol officer, Patrol Sergeant and SWAT team leader.  As Team Leader, he was responsible for managing the SWAT training unit, developing, formulating, and carrying out activation plans, briefings and After Action Reports.  Chris wrote the SWAT teams Standard Operating Procedures and Policy Manual. He is certified in FEMA’s Incident Command System and National Incident Management System, Basic and Advanced SWAT Tactics, High Risk Warrant Service, Hostage Rescue, Active Shooter, The Resolution of Barricaded Subjects, Team Leader Development and SWAT Command and Decision Making Leadership.

Chris graduated from DeSales University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration.

Chris has consulted, developed and provided training and protocol on School Violence, ALICE active shooter response, Crisis Response for financial institutions employees,  Emergency Response to bank hold-up alarms for law enforcement,  Response to the Active Shooter, Policy and Procedure Development and Training, Use of Force, Tactical Decision Making, Safety Priorities (Priorities of Life), Barricaded Subject Tabletop and Practical Scenarios, Hostage Rescue Tabletop and Practical Scenarios, High Risk Warrant Services Tabletop and Practical Scenarios, Firearms Safety and Handling, The OODA Loop, and various other emergency response topics.  He has developed and designed security plans and system layouts for clients in various markets, including the healthcare, education, pharmaceutical, financial and legal cannabis industry.

In his role at VSG, Chris is responsible for business development, conducting security vulnerability assessments, emergency operation planning, training and training development, managing projects and field employees, developing and designing security plans, policy/procedure and systems layouts for clients.

Bill Bassett

Director of Technical Services

Bill oversees the technical direction of the organization and provides ongoing support to the technical team.   He is continually leveraging over 20 years of broad technical consulting services experience in project management, access control, video surveillance, network design, forensics investigation, communications integration and training. He has consulted in a variety of markets, including engineering, healthcare, marketing, banking, retail, telecommunications and Manufacturing.

Bill leads company efforts to stay abreast of emerging and future technology trends, ideas and platforms. His "real world" approaches to solving business problems rests on a balanced mix of technologies to bring a "just right" fit to each situation.


Jim Minninger, M.S./AJS

Corporate Security Specialist

Jim is a former sergeant from a municipal police department located approximately 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia, PA.  Affiliated with the department since 1991, starting as an auxiliary officer, Jim worked his way through the ranks retiring from police work in June of 2013.  His responsibilities included director of patrol operations and all training; including firearms instruction, use of force, less lethal munitions and techniques, active shooter, Taser and PepperBall.  He was an operator on SWAT, lead tactical firearms instructor and less lethal munitions operator.  He is certified in basic and advanced SWAT Operations, Hostage Rescue, basic and advanced WMD Tactical Operations and Hostage Negotiations.  Once retiring from active SWAT operations, Jim was paramount in setting up large scale practical training scenarios combining Incident Command, TEMS (Tactical EMS), SWAT Operations, Patrol and Hostage Negotiations.

A graduate of Delaware Valley College with a Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture and a minor in Criminal Justice, Jim has volunteered and served with his local volunteer fire department as a firefighter, water rescue diver and QRS medical response.  Jim also volunteers as an assistant coordinator for his  Emergency Management Office at the local level.  He has also worked for the county emergency training center as a ‘victim’ coordinator, setting up role players for mass casualty, training and testing scenarios.

Jim has developed and provided training on School Violence, Workplace Violence, Bullying, Bicycle Safety for School Children, Active Shooter-School and Business, Bomb Threat Response and Search,  Medical Marijuana Regulatory Compliance Issues, Chemical/Soda Pressure Bombs, Chemical Suicide Recognition and Post-Incident Mitigation, WMD/Clandestine Laboratory Decontamination, Scene Safety for First Responders and EMS, Scene Safety for Fire Fighters and Fire Police, Policy and Procedure Development and Training, Use of Force, Tactical Decision Making, Priority of Life Training and Decision Making, Dementia Patient Elopement Procedures, Senior Adult Fraud Education (S.A.F.E. Training), Evacuation vs. Shelter-in-place Decision Making, Barricaded Subject Tabletop and Practical Scenarios, Hostage Rescue Tabletop and Practical Scenarios, and Firearms Safety and Handling for Adult Probation Officers.

He has authored several articles on active shooter, facility lockdown and creating a security master plan for your organization.  Jim has completed his Master's degree in the Science of Administration of Justice and Security.